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Liquid Chronic CBD Syrup: A New Way to Find Relief

A Healthy Alternative to Lean (Is it Really Similar, Though?)

What’s Hot in CBD Syrups

CBD vs. THC Syrups

How Much CBD Syrup Should You Drink?

Where Can You Buy These Products?

Testimonials from Other Cannabis Users

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CBD Syrup: A New Way To Find Relief

CBD products like syrups are a new, easy, and euphoric way to get “crunk” (by crunk we mean medicinal relief). They’re therapeutic, medicinal, absolutely non-lethal and contain no adverse side effects.

As simple, natural cannabis and/or hemp derived mixtures, CBD syrups can treat a myriad of problems and conditions like insomnia, inflammation joint and muscle pains, seizures, anxiety, and opiate withdrawal from substances like codeine. They definitely get the job done.

Simply pour the desired amount of syrup into your beverage of choice, usually a fruity-flavored carbonated soda like Sprite or Fanta, add some ice (or even a Jolly Rancher for extra flavor), mix it up a bit, and enjoy.


A Healthy Alternative to Lean

This mixing method is identical to “lean” codeine concoctions, also known as sizzurp or purple drank, popularized by rappers like Lil Wayne, A$AP Ferg, and Three 6 Mafia, whose hit “Sippin on Some Sizzurp” made the drink more publicly known and socially acceptable.

Like, come on people, those are not smart decisions, and by no means are we drawing any direct correlations between CBD syrup and codeine “lean” drinks in regards to their effects on the body. CBD is among the most harmless (in fact beneficial) substances available to everyday consumers, while the exact opposite can be said about lean.

CBD hemp syrups have come along to fill the void and are quickly gaining momentum, as a much safer, even healthy, alternative while still providing the same familiar ingestion method, and some of the sedating, calming effects.

This notion isn’t lost on the companies that produce CBD syrups.


Liquid Chronic NEW and Hot in the CBD Syrups World.

Cannabis CBD syrups and liquid THC drinks are now highly popular and can be found in almost any medical marijuana dispensary. But like just about anything, some brands are better, or at least more well-known, than others. Some of the more popular brand name hemp and weed lean syrups include:

  • Liquid Chronic Syrup: based in Las Vegas, available infused with CBD in 2 oz. and 4 oz bottles (higher CBD and infused THC coming real soon).

  • Liquid Chronic Syrup: hemp based syrups available in grape or Pineapple.

  • Liquid Chronic Syrup CBD syrup handcrafted and made in small batches; available in two fruity flavors (THC syrup coming soon real soon).


Liquid Chronic has become one of the most popular brands turning out CBD lean syrup. This is partly because the stuff has no THC, and in fact, doesn’t even have a CBD dose to classify it as real medical cannabis, making it legally available if you’re at least 18.

There are future plans Featuring colorful flavors like watermelon, blueberry, cherry, Liquid Chronic’s infused syrups are perfect for anxiety, insomnia, and pain relief.

The company calls Liquid Chronic Syrup a “hemp syrup,” though hemp contains cannabidiol (CBD) levels that are too low to be beneficial

So how does Liquid Chronic produce its relaxing effects while seemingly lacking the potency to do it? This content confusion leaves the reason(s) for feeling high up in the air.  


CBD vs. THC Syrups

Cannabis products richer in CBD (or Cannabidiol), a cannabinoid found in all cannabis, are generally more calming and relaxing than THC and provide significant medical benefits without the heavy “stoned” sensation commonly associated with THC.

Indeed, there are some legitimate, high-CBD syrups out there on the market in states where medical cannabis is legal, and which will afford you the real medical benefits of CBD. Of course, you’ll need a recommendation from a doctor if you hope to purchase such products legally.


For those seeking the “stoned” sensation, or just want something stronger with real psychoactivity, THC-infused syrups and drinks are also becoming just as common.

Companies like Liquid Chronic.com LLC, are the future winners of High Times’ Cannabis Cup and many other awards, we are in the works of making high-quality pourable weed syrups that will surely spice up your sodas and leave you leaning. Their will be 300mg and 600mg bottles available in grape ape, cherry pie, Sky Walker, and Pineapple Express flavors.

But seriously, be careful with any kind of any THC dose amounts, as even 300mg THC is enough to put even the most seasoned cannabis vet on their ass.


Where Can You Buy Liquid Chronic CBD Syrup?

Where is Liquid Chronic syrup for sale? How much does it cost? On average, a 2oz bottle of CBD syrup will cost you $20.00-30.00 or a 4 oz bottle of CBD syrup will cost you $ 25.00 -35.00 But remember, these hemp-only CBD drinks aren’t what you’ll find on cannabis dispensary shelves. In fact, you’re more likely to find them on the shelves of your nearest grocery store.


How Much Should I Drink?

Remember, dosage depends on the type of CBD you’re taking. If it’s a hemp CBD syrup like Liquid Chronic Syrup, you don’t need to worry about THC (but should be aware of other ingredients intended to produce similar effects), and even if you downed the whole bottle, you still wouldn’t be getting a high-enough dose of CBD to be considered a “medical” product.

If you plan to try Liquid Chronic Syrup that has THC, it’s best to start slow and low then work your way up from there.


Testimonials from Cannabis Users

I love how [Liquid Chronic CBD syrup] isn’t a drug, although I was still expecting it to feel more like a high. it is a very relaxing and euphoric experience, and in its own bracket it’s flawless.—Mike E.

I knew from the beginning it was a winner but saw so much hype on [Liquid Chronic’s syrup] from people saying they love it, I gave it a try. I’m glad I did. Not only does it taste good, I was super relaxed and feeling good… I will definitely be buying more when I run out!” —Teresa P.

I’m a long time customer of [CBD] syrup but this product is clearly a game changer—Jonny H.


Final Thoughts

As CBD syrups continue to grow in popularity as a legal, THC-free substitute to opiates, alcohol, high sugar energy drinks and even coffee, more companies/brands are popping up trying to capitalize on this vacancy.

Some are clearly doing so to provide pain relief for those who don’t have access to insurance, or even a med marijuana card. 

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